3D-REVOPRINT has the potential to shape the future of printing. Due to its existing REVOPRINT service, 3D-printing can be introduced to more than 10,000 copyshops in Europe, which will have a significant impact on the 3D-printing industry and the
perception of 3D-printing by end-users. For this purpose 3D-REVOPRINT democratizes 3D-printing. Via a web-based platform local 3D-printers can be connected and made accessible for commercial usage by end-users (web-to-3Dprint technology).
For this purpose, 3D-REVOPRINT has developed a platform&plugin solution that allow existing 3D-printshops to receive 3D-print orders through the platform or directly on their own website (plugin). By introducing that kind of service to existing
copyshops, 3D-REVOPRINT is going to establish the 2D&3D-printing hub network of the future.

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