The app gives to farmers advices about when to irrigate their crops and how much
water is needed. The app takes into account soil parameters, plant parameters,
weather parameters and irrigation system parameters. The app offer two
approaches to farmers: the one approach called “Annual irrigation program using
climate data” and the other approach called “Daily water calculation using real
meteorological data”.

The Annual irrigation program using climate data can be used form every farmer, at
any time or field. A farmer can create an irrigation program in monthly basis at the
beginning of season or any time he/she wants to and get a very simple advice per
month such as ‘the month x the field y needs irrigation every z days and the amount
of water that is recommended is tt’. This simple advice per month is suitable for
fields that are far away from weather stations.

The Daily water calculation using real meteorological data can be used for fields that
are close to weather stations. Every day the app calculates the amount of water
needed for a field. After a daily based calculation, the app gives a simple advice to
farmer about the water needs of each particular field. The advices are categorized in
three categories: no watering need (green advice), watering with xx amount of water
needed (yellow advice) and watering with xx amount of water is necessary (red
alarm). When a red alarm occurs, the app sends e-mail and sms to farmer informing
him/her that the plants are in danger and watering must be done immediately.

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