QIFresh is a quality inspection App for fresh fruits and vegetables. Quality inspections are ordered by fresh product retailers to be performed
before shipment from the suppliers (e.g. coopera-tives, groups of producers, packaging companies).

Retailers, suppliers and 3rd party inspector companies will use the App to order, plan, execute and report quality inspections. The App will be built on the FISpace platform, utilizing FIWare technologies. It will employ FISpace B2B collaboration core to facilitate business collaboration between inspection firms, re-tailers and suppliers.

QiFresh implements the Quality Inspection business process using a workflow – based approach. The main business entities (Loading Plans, Loads, Shipments and Quality Inspection Reports) go through various states following user and system activity as the business
logic is executed. FISpace B2B work-flow engine will be used to implement the workflow and all involved user will receive notifications for every business entity status update. Quality Inspection itself fully supports EC directive 543/2011 that details the rules and the conformity checks for the fruit and vegetable markets.

QIFresh provides an elaborate mechanism for the definition of customized inspection report templates. These, variety specific templates, can be created by both retail-ers and inspection firms. The inspection templates guide the Quality Inspection execution process enable Quality Inspections that are based on specific business needs and requirements.

Overall, QIFresh offers better communication and collaboration between retailer, quality inspectors and suppliers, shortens the time required for the
whole process, minimizes errors, reduces paperwork and provides accurate and consistent inspection reporting.

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