Safe & smarT touRism fOr ALL – STROLL is a cross platform application, which focuses on building an “invisible safety net”, to help tourists be and feel safer and enable them to be more active throughout their journeys. It can provide information and assistance offline (planning), as well as online (real time), to facilitate the fruitful cooperation of tourists, hotels, and travel agencies, in order to enhance quality of life for everyone involved.

Travelling to new destinations and unfamiliar places can often create a feeling of
unsafety and intimidation. The most obvious and straightforward reasons are the
limited or complete lack of information about the area and its specificities, the
travellers’ personal conditions (medical or other) and the perception of a state of
solitude that the traveller faces, especially in cases of emergencies. The outcome
often is to restrain ourselves from fully experiencing and enjoying our travel by
taking the safest choices and remain idle, in order to minimize “risk”.

Our application aims to provide the technological infrastructure and organize
appropriate mechanisms for safer and smarter tourism. No one is better aware of
the hidden risks and peculiarities of each location than the people that live and work
there. Tourism stakeholders, hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops etc. are among the
best sources of information and also a critical part of the solution. Through our
application we aim to offer the infrastructure that will support locals and tourists in a
joint effort to increase safety, offer peace of mind and bring growth.

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