Show the Deutsche Bahn how your solution improves their service quality, adds customer value or opens new business models.

Use this opportunity to present your solution and convince key representatives of its unique value for the Detusche Bahn. We are currently scouting interested tech startups to join an exclusive matchmaking event in Berlin on 30 June 2016, where you have the great opportunity to meet with Deutsche Bahn departments and present you solution.

Keep in mind: Deutsche Bahn is not only Mobility, but also Logisitcs, Energy, Real Estate, Retail and Infrastructure. So start thinking a bit around the corner how your solution could be beneficial for the Deutsche Bahn.

Apply now, get selected for an ePitch on 23rd June (10:00-13:00 CET) or 24th June (16:00-19:00 CET). Convince our jury to win one of the five seats in this exclusive matchmaking event with Europe’s largest mobility provider.

The Deutsche Bahn furthermore offers an not yet disclosed numeber of wildcards for the best startups in the ePitches to join the Deutsche Bahn Corporate Accelerator in September.

We are looking for innovative solutions across all their operating fields and startups that provide:

1.) a hardware centered technology with an existing MVP or prototype (can be third party)
2.) a matching software or service
3.) a highly disruptive business potential for the holistic world of Deutsche Bahn (DB)


If all you can think of is your startup in the domain of sensor technology, IoT, M2M, big data & analytics etc. and envision an awesome prototype for Deutsche Bahn, we’d love to hear from you disruptors, business gurus and tech geeks.

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