Take this unique opportunity to find funding for your smart city startup right now. Just send your pitch presentation to fi-business-investment(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)fi-ppp.eu

Please make sure that it contains a detailed introduction to your product or service, a good explanation on how you will make money, an overview about the market and our strategy how to enter it, the skills of your team, your milestones and cost structure for the coming 3 year and a cracking investment offer.

All selected startups will be invited to a virtual conference room and give a 5-min to international early stage investors. The presentation is followed by a 5-10 min Q&A and each startup will receive written feedback after the pitch.

Timeplan for 4th ePitch on Smart City:

• 05 Oct 2015 | Application deadline
• 09 Oct 2015 | Announcement of the selected companies
• 14 Oct 2015 | Test Pitch Session (expert feedback + technical test)
• 21 Oct 2015 | e-Pitch on Smart City
• 26 Oct 2015 | Receive feedback from investors

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