What is this bootcamp all about?

Following the success of the 1st FIWARE Bootcamp in Berlin in the beginning of May, the 2nd FIWARE Bootcamp is coming soon in Athens. Technopolis, a major cultural venue in the center of Athens, will host 60 FIWARE startups in a three-day event from October 1st to October 3rd, 2015.

Targeted workshops, world-class panels, one-to-one coaching, pitching sessions, lively networking, and a wealth of other activities with coaches, startups, and industry professionals combine to offer participating startups an action-packed approach to advancing their concepts and businesses. The Athens Bootcamp builds up to its Investment Forum organized on October 3rd. This is an exclusive function for FIWARE startups to engage in-person with active investors from all over the world and seek funding…

Please contact your FIWARE accelerator to join. The participation of the selected startups is free of charge.

The Venue



fiware_website_banner_epitch_media_longTechnopolis is an industrial museum and a major cultural venue at the very center of Athens, in Gazi next to Keramikos. It has been in operation since 1999 and is situated in the city’s former gasworks which were founded in 1857, occupying an area of about 30.000 m2. Numerous exhibitions, seminars, music concerts and other cultural activities take place in the grounds, bringing out the lively and creative atmosphere of the space and area!

The venue hosts in conjunction the Disrupt Startup Scaleup 2015, the region’s pre-eminent startup event organized by Industry Disruptors – Game Changers on October 3rd and 4th. |

For more information you can also visit the FIWARE Bootcamp website.

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