FI Business provides hands-on 1:1 coaching with our experts as well as valuable webinars tackling generic entrepreneurship topics such as business plan, legal issues or marketing to FIWARE startups. Both services can be accessed via an online platform.


1:1 Coaching sessions with international experts

FIWARE startups can profit from free 1: 1 business coaching. To receive the free coaching, you need to ask your accelerator for a coaching voucher which allows you to book a coaching session via our platform with one of our top FI Business coaches. Each voucher represents a half day (4 hours) of free coaching.

Online webinars on general entrepreneurship topics and specific challenges

FI Business provides free access to online training for FIWARE startups via the platform. Current topics cover all phases of the venture development, from idea generation to the conception phase and  the planning stage. The offer of webinars is constantly expanding.

Available webinars on the platform
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