Digigrow is an innovative sensor platform that helps agricultural producers save costs, reduce harvest losses and conserve natural and other resources. With Digigrow, producers can easily monitor their greenhouse, storage facilities and outdoor cultivation from the cloud, and benefit from the increasing number of solutions that the internet of things brings.

On the hardware side is the Digigrow Board, a bluetooth device on which sensors can be attached to. The Digigrow Board connects to a dedicated Android smartphone that acts as a gateway to the internet. Starting with these two simple devices, users can monitor their cultivation online, set notifications based on the state of the sensors, view data logs in graph format, and combine the data to 3rd party web services using the FI-WARE platform.

Digigrow is integrated with the FI-WARE specific enabler for Agrifood; the FISpace B2B collaboration platform. Through FISpace users will be able to further utilize Digigrow sensor data by combining it with web applications from 3rd party vendors – such as a decision support system for agriculture – through an intuitive interface.

Digigrow Electronics was established in 2014 in Athens, Greece, with the purpose of building a remote monitoring and control system for agriculture that utilizes the latest available technology. In the same year Digigrow became part of the Smartagrifood 2 project, an FI-WARE business acceleration programs, that focuses on ICT solutions for agriculture.

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