ETConcept is constituted by a team of engineers, expert in analogue, mixed-signal and digital electronic circuits. We have developed software and hardware for clients in different markets ranging from Industrial, Telecommunications to Aerospace. We are currently starting an audio and acoustics division, the FI-Sonic Project, to develop a line of products for 3D sound capturing and reproduction using beamforming and statistical learning techniques for sound source location and identification. We now have a project in hands consisting of a network of sound acquisition nodes/stations, distributed geographically to cover a wide area in the city or private property. The system comprises several physical and logical modules for sound capturing and processing. A multichannel microphone is the center piece of the acquisition system. Therefore, sound waves direction can be estimated more easily and sound events detected, located and identified more accurately in the 3D sound field. The main goal of this project is to build a scalable and upgradable low-cost monitoring system to analyze the city sound environment in order to identify and detect events based on sound, like gun firing and people in distress, or to assist municipalities departments of environment on the decision process of action plans to improve the quality of life of the populations.

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