THE FIRST QUARTER COMPANY is a new start-up, limited company based in London, UK producing the transmedia project: TIME SQUATTERS. The story of TIME SQUATTERS is told via cross-platform products involving web technologies, social media, 3D animation, on-line computer gaming, and many more. With traditional distribution of feature film declining and ‘smart’ TV being more popular but still not interactive enough for today’s audience, and with video gaming needing more realistic and cinematic (story-telling) approach, the time is right to produce stories, characters and immersive universes that audience relates and connects to.
The TIME SQUATTERS are a group of youngsters (animated characters) that live in the future but time travel in order to solve scientific mysteries and earth. It is an edutainment project that starts with a series of novels, it expands to mobile games, AR apps, blogs, web-videos, TV-series and more.

‘TIME SQUATTERS’ has already released Book One of the series as well as the first soundtrack. An augmented reality app will be created with the support of the FI-C3 that will bring are animated characters in life. Audience will be able to scan trackers and watch the characters tell part of the story, the historic background and so on.

TIME SQUATTERS is an endless story expandable in many media and FIWARE helps keep all products inter-connected. The First Quarter Company is a socially responsible enterprise, giving its 25% of every product sale to social-causes voted for by its audience.

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