Please read the brochure “FIWARE Business Success Stories“!

This brochure presents some selected Future Internet Business Success Stories, companies which successfully participated in the FIWARE Accelerate programme and have already made promising steps towards establishing themselves with their FIWARE-enabled products and services on the market. These success stories document the variety of sectors and applications as well as the innovative spirit of European startups.

Here are some highlights:

  • BeeZon developed a solution for a Virtual Bee Consultant called “BeeZon Real-Time Continuous Apiary Monitoring System”, using FIWARE technology. Although Beezon is very young in the precision apiculture market, a substantial market penetration has already been achieved, where  negotiations with 47 potential customers have been started in addition to 33 already existing customers.
  • Breeze developed an innovative cloud platform, based on the FIWARE, able to gather and analyse large amounts of available data on the air quality in real time. Breeze is already working together with a number of German companies on deploying and testing next-generation air quality monitoring networks and is part of several smart building and smart city initiatives, including Fraunhofer IAO’S Morgenstadt initiative.
  • FUTURE INTELLIGENCE LTD developed an innovative platform for the agricultural sharing economy called Qualitative HOrticulture MArketplace (QUHOMA), which enables building of a community involving various stakeholders focused on quality and sustainable farming. Currently, QUHOMA has engaged four early adopters and has received interest from additional 20 potential customers.
  • Mermix developed the first online sharing platform for agricultural machinery to be used for the benefit of both farmers and machinery owners. The mermix application was introduced recently in the Greek market as a new service, and the number of its users already reached 1,000, including a substantial collaboration with Stevia Hellas Coop, whose members use mermix for their internal machinery sharing.

Please find a short version of the brochure here and the detailed brochure here!

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