On 21 October 2015,  FI Business co-organised a FIWARE community building workshop at the ICT 2015 in Lisbon. The workshop was jointly organized with the FIWARE Association and the iHub.eu network. It aimed to build a community among companies that use FIWARE or are interested in doing so in the future. Through interactive group discussions in World Café format, the participants investigated topics of common interest as a basis for further collaboration.

Discussions in the different groups focused on the following items:

  1. Community structure: What should be the organizational structure of the community?
  2. Community support platform: What should an independent platform look like to provide optimal support for the sustainable growth of the FIWARE ecosystem?
  3. Improvement of Generic Enablers (GEs) and Specific Enablers (SEs) : How can the community support the further development of GEs & SEs, who will lead development, assure quality and propose improvements?
  4. Infrastructure providers: What should be key features of an independent FIWARE infrastructure for a best choice market where user can choose a fitting service provider?
  5. Feedback loop: How can we link the new FIWARE Users and SME Developers to the core developers of the community?


The outcomes of the session could provide valuable input to all stakeholders involved in the FIWARE community on how to make the FIWARE ecosystem sustainable.
The infrastructure discussion, for example, brought a few interesting insights that could help in community building. In the discussion it emerged that SMEs are ready for a pay-per-use model, but only on the basis of SLAs. This is related to the main problems of FIWARE Lab nodes, identified by participants, which they agreed are reliability, stability and low numbers of IP addresses.

Furthermore, SMEs would like to get regional support in their language and have the guarantee that GEs and SEs are further developed and improved. Related to this, the geographical distribution of the nodes is important, because some products and services require a node that is close. There was a shared understanding that FIWARE Lab has been a good sand box, but not ready for commercial products. In order to get there, more support would be needed,  as well as more documentation, standardized support tools, and standardized community tools.

Further information on the workshop.

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