In order to facilitate the communication between startups within the FIWARE community and to build valuable partnerships, FIWARE created a community platform to share experiences, ask questions, get event news and much more.

We are very happy to invite you to register for the FIWARE community platform.

Please make intensive use of the platform and give us your honest feedback. We are very eager to tailor this platform to the needs of the community and implement features that you find necessary to support your growth as a startup.

Register for the FIWARE Community now!

Please see a more detailed description of the features below and become active open source developer to extend the platform.


Create groups to discuss broader topics that are relevant for larger number of startups. You can invite member to your group, open it for the community or keep it private to discuss in a smaller group. Each group features discussions, events, polls, videos, files and an activity overview.

Initiate discussions with a group on specific topics. Depending on the group topic you can discuss for example technical issues, business matters or events. Group members stay in the loop by email notifications

Open a chat to discuss personally with one or a few members on topics that you don’t want to share and that are more short term.


Join events right from within the platform. Startups can apply directly for events with their profiles and uploaded files. You can also set up events yourself and invite other startups.

Make polls to get the oppinion of the community on specific topics or use it to plan the location of your next event.

Match schedules to find the right date for a workshop, coaching session or an event. It works like Doodle, but you can do it right within the community.
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