HybridStat is a young micro-SME, established in April 2014 and located in Athens, Greece, bringing together a team of highly qualified and motivated young scientists, whose expertise spans a variety of statistics and computer science domains. The main HybridStat services are centred on biostatistics, bioinformatics and analytics of high-throughput biological data derived from technologies such as DNA/miRNA/protein microarrays, Next Generation Sequencing and mass spectrometry. In addition, HybridStat builds customized 3rd party hardware/software (server) solutions and develops customized software and database solutions regarding the above. The team members have participated in several projects (EU and national) where bioinformatics analysis and the development of new analysis techniques, algorithms and software had a crucial role. Furthermore, apart from bioinformatics, the HybridStat team has a strong background on information personalization and recommendation technologies which will be exploited towards building complete bioinformatics solutions/suites, specific for the needs of scientific laboratories (e.g. focused around certain organisms) or related biotech companies. Currently, HybridStat offers consulting and analytics services as well as custom database and software design, in order to answer several medical or biological questions requiring biostatistical and bioinformatics analyses.

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