FI Business gave five FIWARE startups the opportunity to join the Innovation Workshop on Smart Production in Stuttgart, Germany on 16 December 2015. The workshop matched established industry players from the southwest of Germany with international startups providing ICT based solutions for smart production processes.
The event opened with an energetic speed dating round of startups and established companies. Each pair had 3 minutes time to get to know each other before participants changed seats.

Followed by a brain storming session inspired by Design thinking, participants narrowed down the overall topic smart production into four working titles:

•    Challenges for SMEs introducing smart production in their companies
•    Requirements for safety and security
•    Flexibility to gain efficiency
•    Technic-Human-Interaction

Small interactive working groups identified key needs and challenges as well as elements of solutions. Not only fruitful discussions and new contacts, but also the generation of first ideas for future joint projects, products and business models were the major outcomes of the event. For instance, it was offered to join a planned project which aims to develop an IT based solution for production logistics in the manufacturing sector.
These are the 5 FIWARE startups from across Europe who attended the workshop:

•   Future Intelligence, Greece
•   Jasmina solutions, Germany
•   Invivo GmbH, Germany
•   Videobot, Ireland
•   Espiralpixel, Portugal

“The matchmaking event in Stuttgart was a great opportunity to present our venture to established companies in Germany. We learned a lot about their needs to cope with the upcoming trends of smart production and made new contacts to foster future projects and partnerships.”
Bruno Gavino, CEO of Espiralpixel

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