nicetrails is a web/app to visualise GPS tracks in 3D and fabricate them real objects.
To share: view and share your outdoor activities in 3D.
As a gift: a personal trophy of your own achievements.

You can buy a nicetrails as a physical object for about $100
and it is 100% free to upload a track, view it in 3D and share it.

Climbing a mountain is a great achievement, cycling cross country is amazing, and hitchhiking the silk road is memorable.
But it is hard to share those personal, ephemeral outdoor experiences to friends and family who weren’t there to grasp the majesty of the mountains and the details of the terrain.

With nicetrails anyone can create, visualise and fabricate a unique slice of earth with their own track: Full Color / Personalised / 3D Printed

With the worldwide number of hikers and outdoor practitioners counting by the millions and an immense number of trails, routes and tours around the globe, there is a big market out there for nicetrails, with room for growth.

nicetrails is a scalable digital business with a physical good, that runs with minimal operational costs as production and deliver is handled by a 3rd party 3D printing service provider, liberating nicetrails from fixed costs and equipment.

Revenue comes from sales of 3D maps, following a freemium approach where anyone can create a visualisation of a 3D map of their track, but only the ones that purchase a nicetrails map get it printed and delivered home.

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