Within the proposed project we plan to develop an innovative ICT solution for agricultural produce trading. The TRACE (Tracking Agricultural Conditions and Environment) platform aims to improve the end-to-end supply chain management in agribusiness. From the agricultural producer to the end-consumer, across whole-sale merchants, food processors and other intermediaries, TRACE will provide services to access product quality and make-more efficient business decisions. To do so, TRACE will use state-of-the-art ICT solutions to provide agricultural produce buyers, at any stage of the supply chain, with so far unsurpassed insight into the quality of the produce and the conditions that it has been subject during its growth.
TRACE is a web platform which connects agricultural producers and their customers and initiates business-to-business (B2B) interaction between them, guided by the actual real-time and historic production data. Using the TRACE platform, agricultural producers can make the conditions in which their products grew public and share them with their customers, be it wholesale merchants, retailers, or end-consumers. In addition to product tractability and growth-conditions monitoring, TRACE will support sales and ranking of products and producers in terms of reliability and quality. In addition to these services, we envision providing certificates of excellence for the top producers, as well as rating the buyers in terms of reliability.

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