PAYS, Payment System for Community Supported Agriculture, offers a solution for efficient payment system for online selling of agricultural products between farmers, customers and deliverer service with product traceability. The project is based on web service which connects users into a cashless payment system, for ordered products and payment upon delivery of products. PAYS project team develops a web based service, with mobile applications for farmers, customers, deliverers and for predefined delivery locations. The PAYS system enables checking the content of the packages of ordered products by scanning the tags on delivered packages and facilitates dealing with complaints in case of inadequate content or quality of products. Payment is made only for properly delivered and customer satisfied products.

Advantages of this solution with regard to the existing online food shopping are multiple. Firstly, electronic money transfer is provided for the system users (customer-farmer-deliverer), where the customer makes payment upon the delivery of the products. Second, in case of any problem emerges with any part of the delivered products, the customer will pay only the adequate part.

Apart from this, the customer is able to check other important information about the farmer, the deliverer and the product (date of harvest, quantity, expiry date, etc.) by means of scanning the tag at the time of the delivery. Finally, PAYS aims to bring local, fresh agricultural products into e-commerce in a big way, by providing benefits for all participants like new payment system, product traceability and efficient dealing with complaints.

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