Cancer is a big issue. With one in three of us affected by it and with its rising incidence, predicted to reach 25 million new cases each year in 20 years, both the individual and the financial burden of the disease is vast. To improve the clinical outcome of treatments, to reduce the development of side-effects and to increase patients’ quality of life, we need to accurately understand how patients experience cancer treatments. Px HealthCare is the prime developer of validated, mobile apps to support cancer patients during and after medical treatment. It collects and analyses the anonymised, real-time patient reported data to improve clinical outcomes in cancer.

Established by medical scientists in 2012, Px HealthCare has developed the only validated, cancer patient-engagement platform, which has demonstrated to improve the patient–physician relationship. With the award-winning, Dutch mobile app OWise breast cancer, patients have access to a range of personalised medical tools to support them during the treatment and to regularly track & trace their wellbeing and side‑effects to treatments. As OWise is prescribed by physicians, it is the first oncology platform connecting patients, physicians and payers with the clear potential to benefit all three
groups. The English version, OWise breast cancer, will be launched in the UK in October 2015. An independent academic study highlights that patients and treating physicians are positive about OWise with 90% of both groups recommending OWise to breast cancer patients. Physicians indicate that patients using OWise are more at ease during doctors’ visits and may be better informed.

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