The core idea behind Future Intelligence’s (FINT) project (QUHOMA) is exploiting Greece’s and Europe’s excellent potential for qualitative horticulture products. Due to the continent’s landscape and historical context, agriculture mainly targets small-scale, family-run businesses that do not have the potential to compete on price differentiation, worldwide. However, especially for the Greek case and sun, FINT aims to efficiently contribute to local agrifood outstanding quality through the support of cutting-edge technology and strengthen products’ market positioning in the premium category. Apart from the technology-oriented innovations, the business context is profoundly innovative. Stakeholders with common interests (farmers, agronomists, quality Certification Bodies) are now sitting around the same table (QUHOMA) and through the usage of technology equipment they can now reduce, share and optimize their costs and resources (business-wise synergies) through win-win models

in a nutshell, QUalitative HOrticulture MArketplace (

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