Three early-stage game companies have been selected to pitch in front of European investors at the VR & Gaming Investment Booster on April, 20th 2016. The Investment Forum is organised by Media Deals with the support of FIBUSINESS /FIWARE in collaboration with Quo Vadis and Dentons. The event includes a tailor-made coaching session on the day before along with networking opportunities.

The three lucky winners are:

ALL IN BYTE, Spain à SOUL-FI (round A and B)

All in Byte creates videogames to bring cities closer to their citizens and teach entrepreneurship as a driver for economic growth. In Berlin, they will present their latest project: Biz’o’mine, a MMO videogame where players can build up their own business empire based on real world business and learn entrepreneurship.


Karisma Kidz is a multi-award-winning brand that creates online games and offline products to increase emotional intelligence in children. Parents engage with their children in an online world that links seamlessly with positive toys, activities and rewards in the ‘real’ world. Through improving the ability of young children to identify and manage their emotions, Karisma Kidz help them to build stronger relationships and become more effective learners at school. In Berlin they will present “The Karisma Kidz digital platform”.


Aykiro creates high-quality, innovative mobile games that players will love, play, and pay for. Their team of over 20 people has 300 years of combined AAA game development experience.Founded in 2015 by experienced international managers, our vision is to become one of the leading mobile game developers in CEE within 5 years. They present, in Berlin, their first AAA mid-core title (think Boom Beach meets Command and Conquer / Starcraft 2) due to June 2016

Stay tuned for updates!

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