The startup project (“”) is an innovative Video Candidate Comparison. It compares candidates of different kinds of elections via two-minute videos through an internet platform.
Every year, thousands of different elections are conducted in Europe. Oftentimes voters don’t know all regional candidates of an election. Also, many voters don’t want to invest much time to get to know the candidates.
For example, campains of many candidates, who are involved in a political majoral election or an election of an organization (like Cambers of Commerce) can be improved. This platform provides an easy, fast and transparent overview to the voters.

In a first step, users can click from one video to another. The videos will show the personality of the candidates. What are their main issues? Additionally, through like-buttons and the video click rate everybody can see how popular a candidate is.
In a second step, users can open the profiles of candidates’ to see their political conviction and theses, life careers and contact information.

Candidates pay a fee to upload a video on this platform. Furthermore, the project generates earnings with internet marketing.
The European FIWARE open software POI Data Provider is used to combine geographical information with election data.

The Video Candidate Comparison allows future election campaigns to be more transparent and helps the candidates to present themselves to a wider public.
This project helps smarter cities to support democratic elections.

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