WINGS ICT Solutions is a fast growing company which focuses on conducting R&D activities and providing consulting services in all areas related to telecommunication networks and services. WINGS ICT Solutions members have been active in the areas of software/prototype design and development of intelligent/cognitive management solutions (including machine-learning based) for various network infrastructures and services for more than a decade.
The company comprises a team of experienced engineers and computer scientists who conduct research in the area of telecommunications. The wide expertise on Future Internet technologies (e.g. solutions for smart cities, environment management, the digital enterprise and organization) and on platforms (e.g. Internet of Things, Big Data), on network and service management (e.g. self-organizing networks, autonomic/cognitive networks, device management), on wireless access segments (e.g. HetNets, Cloud-RAN, Machine-to-Machine, proximity based services), on core networks/backhaul, provide us with a wide-range portfolio and noteworthy achievements. Part of the strategic plan of the company is to create and offer open, highly reusable APIs for IoT platforms and the management and control of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs).
As part of its strategy, WINGS aims at offering the incubation, technology and services, as well as at attracting investments for independent businesses that will be created for the exploitation and commercialization of its mostly mature, validated and demonstrated prototypes. As a latest example, WINGS participates as a shareholder in a newly established company focused on “Knowledgeable management of wireless networks.

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