Word Bucket is a fun, adaptive and gamified platform for language learners to build their foreign language vocabulary, inside and outside the classroom. Designed to fit the needs of teachers and individual language learners, Word Bucket combines innovative learning technologies to solve the key pain points faced by language learners and teachers in vocabulary acquisition and retention.

All learning is personal, so Word Bucket uses big data and adaptive technology to guide a learner’s progress and critically, helps teachers track and improve individual learning outcomes. Additionally, like Spotify does for music discovery, Word Bucket allows learners to learn from friends, discover new words and access content created by teachers and students related to their interests and aptitudes. Finally Word Bucket harnesses the science behind game-based learning and gamification to drive motivation, engagement and effective learning.

Designed to take advantage of the creation of new digital markets within the education sector due to the explosion of mobile and affordable devices, Word Bucket is looking to disrupt the language learning market by replacing dictionaries, vocabulary books and notepads, in and out of the classroom.

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